Editing Gallery

This gallery is used to show some of the methods we can use to present your photos as well as videos and a few of the many editing techniques we use...



The below video was a study I did on creating movement using only still pictures in a video...Click on it to view the clip...Its in the Windows Media Format...Please turn on your volume control for the complete effect.

Clip One

The below Clip Two was my response when a friend who's a fellow photographer sent me a slide show to show what he was up to and of course not to be out done I had to send a movie when he ask me what I've been up to..:-) Which included my travels, my family, work and a note, all in one package attached to an email or even CD/DVD,,,

Clip Two

Below Clip Three was one of those 15 second video clips that everyone's digital camera takes and a friend ask me what you could really do with them....Well rather than explain I showed him....

Clip Three